On Nov. 2nd, Children’s Dentistry Of Forest Park Hosts ‘great Candy Buy Back’ To Support Troops

Union Dental and Drinkable Air’s Chameleon 8 Selected as One of the Top 50 Technology Products by Dentistry Today’s Readers

Part of a larger national campaign to tap into the tradition of collecting candy from neighbors through Halloween trick-or-treating, the effort supports not only dental health but servicemen and servicewomen. All candy collected will be donated to Operation Gratitude, which sends 100,000 care packages a year to U.S. service members deployed in hostile regions, their children left behind, and to wounded warriors recuperating in transition units. Last year we collected almost 300 pounds of candy, said Dr. Jerry Udelson, founder of Childrens Dentistry. We are hoping this years buy back will be even more successful. Another element that will contribute to the days success is conveying thanks to military personnel.
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On Nov. 2nd, Children’s Dentistry of Forest Park Hosts ‘Great Candy Buy Back’ to Support Troops

Vy Le, bought Fox Lake Family Dentistry in December 2012. They are engaged and both graduated from Marquette. Children were asked not to carve the pumpkins and to just decorate them. The public is invited to come in a vote for the best pumpkin from October 21st to October 25th.
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Follow the Smart Strategies in the Dentistry Business

Lewis Ricciuti and James Albanese have been named the co-directors of restorative and cosmetic dentistry practice 4Excellence in Dentistry in Levittown, New York. aJames and I are very excited a and humbled a to be providing leadership in the practice we have watched grow into something truly exceptional over the years,a Dr. Ricciuti said. aWe have an outstanding team, and we are really looking forward to leading the practice into a new chapter of its existence.a Dr.
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Fox River Family Dentistry in Berlin, WI Having a Pumpkin Decorating Contest (Photos)

Well, this aspect comprises of anything related to lead generation, marketing of your practice, marketing of yourself as a professional, motivating patients to choose your practice for a certain dental treatment, and of course attracting new patients to your dental office. There is also the other category of brighton dentistss who invest heavily both time and money into practice management, but they forget about the fact that they should also advance in their career and make new treatments available to their patients (which belongs to the clinical management aspect). Improving constantly and in a balanced way the clinical and practice management aspects, will help greatly in making your business grow beautifully.
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Cosmetic Dentistry Practice 4Excellence in Dentistry Names Ricciuti and Albanese Co-Directors

WEBSITE: http://www.uniondentalcorp.com/ir About Drinkable Air, Inc. Drinkable Air, Inc. (a Florida corporation) (“DA”) offers to the U.S. and international markets atmospheric water generators (“AWG”) that enable people to enjoy pure, 99.9% clean water. The water supply is obtained from the humidity in the air and condensed, processed and purified through a patented process. Drinkable Air’s Chameleon line of AWG’s is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the world’s ever-growing need for pure, clean drinking water. The Company’s proprietary EnviroGuard System eliminates bacteria and purifies the water with an ozone process which oxygenates the water.
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Brentwood Dentist Now Offering Laser Dental Treatment

Thanks to laser dentistry, more patients are willing to seek care earlier and avoid serious oral health problems.” Dr. Rice trained at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. She has substantial experience using dental lasers to treat hard surface decay.
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Dentistry’s Mathews named October Employee of the Month

10. posted 20 days ago 558 views He recently co-wrote an opinion paper titled Research Ethics and Geoengineering.” posted 20 days ago 869 views Hitchcock is an assistant professor of social work. posted 27 days ago 560 views Wittig was honored for making significant contributions to the field and having mentored many public relations practitioners in the region. posted 27 days ago 561 views Gelwix, Wenzel, Awad and Singh were named assistant professors. posted 27 days ago 559 views The women will be honored at the Funds Smart Party event, a high-tech cocktail party and fundraiser benefitting The Womens Fund. posted 28 days ago 588 views UAB Hospital has received the 2013 Womens Choice Award for ranking among Americas Best Hospitals for Patient Experience for women.
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