Dentist Speaks Out About The Dangers Of Mercury

The longer you live with mercury – the more toxic you get. And, don’t ever consider removing mercury fillings – unless done by a holistic dentist trained in the proper safety protocols for extraction. In February, 1998, a group of the world’s top mercury researchers announced that mercury from amalgam fillings can permanently damage the brain, kidneys, and immune system of children. Numerous studies reveal that mercury fillings cause gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, concentration issues, memory loss, chronic fatigue, bleeding gums plus a host of other mouth disorders. The average mercury filling releases about 34 micrograms of mercury daily.
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Dentist In Laurel Continues To Provide Superior Dental Health Care For 20 Years

(CBC) Related Stories B.C. bedroom dentist headed to Toronto, officials say The rogue brighton dentists who defied promises not to practice in B.C. without a licence appeared in a B.C. courtroom on Friday after fleeing to Ontario several months ago. Tung Sheng Wu, 62, was brought back to B.C. late yesterday afternoon by sheriffs, after he turned himself into police in Toronto earlier this week . He disappeared this summer after police raided his home-based dentistry practice in August.
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Worried About the Future of Law Schools? Talk to Your Dentist

The total figure has not yet been calculated, but college registrar and CEO Jerome Marburg said it will be well over $150,000. Outside the courthouse on Friday, Mr. Marburg said the college is satisfied Mr. Wu can no longer do harm to others and hopes the sentence sends a message.
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Rogue brighton dentists back in B.C. to face court

Tung Sheng "David" Wu showed up at a Toronto police station last night.

But one thing that’s remained the same is my office’s unwavering commitment to providing patients comfortable, convenient, quality dental care. As I reflect on the changes and growth I have made in the last two decades, I am especially grateful for those I have been given the privilege to serve, the patients,” said Laurel family dentist, Dr. Schembari. As a brighton dentists in Laurel, Dr. Schembari works with each patient to create the best treatment plan available. In Laurel, dentures, teeth whitening, Invisalign and other complex cosmetic treatments are taken care of by one of the best dentists in the community, Dr. Schembari.
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Defence team for Pembroke dentist facing drunk-driving trial files application to stay proceedings

Hewitt has previously testified the original copy he submitted for peer review had been deleted, a printed copy of the report was destroyed and that PDF copies of the original report with changes and emails in which they were attached were all deleted. Defence lawyers Michael Edelson, Vince Clifford and Solomon Friedman argue the deletion means the Crown is unable to disclose relevant evidence in the case and the destruction of this evidence compromises Natsisas right to a fair trial. aThe destroyed draft report fundamentally prejudices the Applicantas ability to meaningfully challenge the findings of the expert witness who will testify with regards to causation, an essential element to every single charge on the Information before the Court,a an appendix to the application says. If a stay canat be granted, Natsisas defence is asking for a complete exclusion of the expert report and any of the evidence related to it. Hewitt has previously been question by defence about his notes and their disclosure. In his continued cross-examination Friday, Hewitt was hammered on why he used a two-second perception reaction time for Bryan Casey in his collision calculations when industry literature shows drugs and/or alcohol can influence a personas reaction time.
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British Columbia’s ‘Basement dentist’ finally behind bars in B.C.