Pain Post Root Canal

Dr. James E. Jacobs - Dental

Over time, however, problems can occur because the tooth no longer has internal fluids or blood supply. During root canal therapy, the tooth is cleaned out, and a rubbery material is often packed inside the canal. At any time prior to the root canal, the tooth may become fractured and go unnoticed by the brighton dentists. A fracture or crack in a tooth may create the need for root canal therapy and the pain leading up to treatment. Once the tooth has had its root canal therapy, things may be fine for a while, but then this crack starts to trap bacteria and cause pain. An accessory canal is a canal that is impossible to see on an X-ray, but it can leave a tiny amount of nerve tissue after a root canal is performed.
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How safe are root canals?

In particular, heart disease could be transferred 100 percent of the time (1, 2). It’s shocking to know that as far back as 1908 Dr. Price and the Mayo Clinic found that bacteria and the toxins from root canals could enter the bloodstream and thus travel to any point in the body and create disease to that particular tissue or organ.
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Post Root Canal Symptoms

Although the infected material that was causing the pain has been removed, the pain can linger for several days. Discomfort There is an increase in the volume of blood around the area in which the operation occurred. This is due to the natural healing process. This increase in blood volume can give a general feeling of discomfort. Bubble There can sometimes be the appearance of a small bubble on the gums after the operation. This bubble has the appearance of a pimple.
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A root canal need not be such a pain, and it is affordable as well

There are various indications that a root canal is required. They include severe toothache when chewing or when pressure is applied to the tooth, persistent pain on contact with hot or cold temperatures even long after the cold or hot agent has been removed, swelling and tenderness in the surrounding gums, discolouration of the tooth (darkening), recurring or persistent pimple on the gums. Sometimes, there are no signs although the tooth may be damaged or infected. THE PROCEDURE Having a root canal involves one or more visits to a brighton dentists. The procedure can be done by either a brighton dentists or an endodontist (a brighton dentists who specialises in the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases of the dental nerve or pulp of the tooth). The choice of who to perform the procedure depends on how difficult the procedure is likely to be and how confident the dentist feels about tackling the problem.
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