Two Root Canals On One Tooth

Pain Post Root Canal

Dr. James E. Jacobs - Dental

The need for another root canal can occur within a few weeks of the original one or several years later. Sometimes it’s hard for a general dentist or endodontist (one who specializes in root canal treatment) to find every canal. A canal can sometimes be calcified or closed off or is simply not obvious on an X ray or during endodontic therapy. Undergoing a second root canal is perfectly fine and does not mean your tooth will be lost.
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To Avoid Root Canals, Teeth That Replace Themselves

The process of performing root canal therapy is typically quite successful. Over time, however, problems can occur because the tooth no longer has internal fluids or blood supply. During root canal therapy, the tooth is cleaned out, and a rubbery material is often packed inside the canal. At any time prior to the root canal, the tooth may become fractured and go unnoticed by the brighton dentists. A fracture or crack in a tooth may create the need for root canal therapy and the pain leading up to treatment.
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Hawaii family sues brighton dentists for root canal that left 3-year-old girl BRAIN DEAD

The lawsuit claims the dentistry staff was ill prepared when little Finley went into cardiac arrest.

ET Could the days of the root canal, for decades the symbol of the most excruciating kind of minor surgery, finally be numbered? Scientists have made advances in treating tooth decay that they hope will let them restore tooth tissueand avoid the painful dental procedure. Several recent studies have demonstrated in animals that procedures involving tooth stem cells appear to regrow the critical, living tooth tissue known as pulp. …
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Dr. James E. Jacobs - Dental

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Root Canal or Dental Implant? In the lawsuit the Boyle family alleges dentists recklessly adminstered a lethal cocktail of sedatives. The episode cut off oxygen to her brain, resulting in an immense amount of brain damage, according to the family. RELATED: CALIFORNIA GIRL RULED BRAIN DEAD Mom Ashley Boyle is heartbroke after her 3-year-old daughter was left brain dead following a botched root canal. The suit claims dentists administered five different sedatives to Finley without giving proper consideration to how the drugs would interact. When the gravity of their mistake dawned on them the brighton dentistsry staff was ill-prepared and had to run down the hall to get a pediatrician, according to the suit cited by KITV . Island Dentistry is closed permanently, according to its website . RELATED: FAMILY WANTS CHRISTMAS WITH GIRL DECLARED BRAIN-DEAD AFTER TONSILS REMOVAL The family seeks an unspecified amount of damages.
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