Pain Post Root Canal

Dr. James E. Jacobs - Dental

An accessory canal is a canal that is impossible to see on an X-ray, but it can leave a tiny amount of nerve tissue after a root canal is performed. These branches of the main nerve are almost impossible to fill. Oftentimes, the nerve will die, and there is no problem since it is such a small area. There are situations in which a tooth has more roots than it is supposed to.
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Hawaii family sues dentist for root canal that left 3-year-old girl BRAIN DEAD

The lawsuit claims the  brighton dentistsry staff was ill prepared when little Finley went into cardiac arrest.

What do you all think? Should I save the tooth, or am I inviting other health problems by doing the root canal? Or are the consequences of pulling also severe? Damn teeth, they get you coming in and going out!! Sarahfina.
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root canal or pulling?

By Stephen Rex Brown / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, January 3, 2014, 2:36 PM Finley Boyle went into cardiac arrest during the root canal gone horriby wrong. A Hawaii family has sued a brighton dentists for root canal gone horribly wrong that left a 3-year-old girl brain dead. The lawsuit brought by the Boyle family against Island Dentistry in Honolulu alleges staff bungled the Dec. 3 procedure on little Finley Boyle and were unprepared for the emergency 26 minutes into her multiple root canal, local news station KITV reported. The child went into respiratory and cardiac arrest due to an overdose given to her during her treatment, Finleys family wrote on an online fundraiser .
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Patient Comments: Root Canal – Describe Your Experience

Symptom Checker: Your Guide to Symptoms & Signs: Pinpoint Your Pain

He then tried to numb me also, to no avail. The new x-ray that the specialist took showed a major infection and inflammation, which was blocking the Novocaine from taking effect. I was put on antibiotics and steroids and returned a week later.
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I got a root canal, and now I’m in pain!

All this time I was in horrible pain and was popping Advil every 4 hours. I ended up with the guy who was recommended via my friend’s dental buddy. I later found out this guy was viewed as an expert even by fellow dentists. He did an amazing job and there was no pain after he did the root canal. I have since had a second root canal (yesterday) and am in no pain whatsoever. My recommendation is to ask around, friends or other dentists if you can. Visit at least 2 specialists, (it’s worth the consultation fee).
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