The Agonising Toothache That’s Got Nothing To Do With Your Teeth, But Alison Only Found That Out After Months Of Gruelling – But Needless – Root Canal Treatment

GP prescribed carbamazepine, an anti-convulsant that helps with nerve pain, and it got things under control

It was such a relief to talk to someone who understood totally what I was going through.’ There are two trigeminal nerves, one on each side of the face and each with branches that run around the eye, forehead, cheek, nose, jaw and mouth. Trigeminal neuralgia seems to occur when the myelin – the material that insulates nerves – wears away, especially at the point where the nerve enters the brain, says Professor Zakrzewska. ‘All sensation is felt in the brain and interpreted in the brain,’ she explains. We think when the myelin is lost, there’s some cross circuit between the nerves, so a normal sensation like touch is wrongly interpreted by the brain as pain. ‘It’s an extremely severe pain, and although it lasts for only a few seconds it can feel continuous because it keeps happening in quick succession.’ People with multiple sclerosis are at raised risk of trigeminal neuralgia, as this condition causes the degeneration of myelin. However most cases occur in otherwise healthy people due to a blood vessel pressing against the trigeminal nerve, wearing away the protective surrounding layer.
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Mike Pound: Fear of root canal requires sensitivity

Are you sure you dont want to go with me? she asked. Since I am a veteran husband, I started to get the impression that my wife wanted me to go with her. I asked her why. My wife said she wanted me to go in case Ed had to do something bad to my tooth. I told my wife that I would go to the dentist with her even though Ed wasnt going to do anything bad to her tooth.
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Hawaii family sues brighton dentists for root canal that left 3-year-old girl BRAIN DEAD

The lawsuit claims the  brighton dentistsry staff was ill prepared when little Finley went into cardiac arrest.

3 procedure on little Finley Boyle and were unprepared for the emergency 26 minutes into her multiple root canal, local news station KITV reported. The child went into respiratory and cardiac arrest due to an overdose given to her during her treatment, Finleys family wrote on an online fundraiser . In the lawsuit the Boyle family alleges brighton dentistss recklessly adminstered a lethal cocktail of sedatives. The episode cut off oxygen to her brain, resulting in an immense amount of brain damage, according to the family.
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