Boy Fakes Own Kidnap To Avoid Seeing Dentist

The dental-drama began late May after he was found by police hiding in a small village, France24 report. When questioned by officers, the boy claimed to have escaped an abduction attempt from nearby town Bagnols. Lying to the Police, the little boy made up stories and invented a scar-faced villain who lured him to his car for directions as he was heading to his dentist appointment. Thats when, without warning, the man pulled him into his car and took off.
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Boy Fakes Own Kidnapping to Avoid Going to the Dentist :

After a month of searching for their man to no avail, police went back to the source. They examined security-camera footage from that fateful day in Bagnols and found no hint of the scarred man in the black shirt and light jeans, and no sign of his vehicle, which the boy had so dramatically described. They decided to interview the boy again. In the face of newly skeptical police questioners, the boy recanted everything. There never was a scar-faced man, and there never was a kidnapping. He had made it all up.
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9 Dentist-Themed Twitter Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into

Its time to get back to the basics of what built the practice in the first place, and thats focusing on the hygiene exam. Take time to discuss any unfinished treatment. Case acceptance is higher with your existing hygiene patients. Patients already have confidence in the doctor and practice. I also suggest scheduling a more comprehensive exam every three to five years to reestablish baseline and take full mouth X-rays. It is important for the hygienist to do a briefing with the doctor to build value in the appointment.
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This new technology may put an end to drilling at the dentist’s office – The Washington Post

With flavored tooth paste, whirring power tools and laughing gas, it would be hard not to have a memorable tale from the dentist’s chair. In this month’s MashableReads book selection, Joshua Ferris’ To Rise Again at a Decent Hour , readers follow Paul O’Rourke, a dentist who has his identity stolen. As Paul grapples with social media and struggles to reclaim his online identity, he quickly begins to lose touch with reality and his dentist practice. See also: 10 Twitter Stories With Plot Twists You Won’t See Coming Inspired by Paul’s dentist stories, we asked readers to submit their own dentist-themed tales for our MashableReads Twitter short-story challenge. Submissions were both terrifying and hilarious, as readers explored everything from what it’s like for a clown to go to the dentist to the horrors of anesthesia. Check out some of our favorites, below: Winners Gumbo the clown understood the irony of laughing gas being prepared but if his dentist wanted chuckles he had big shoes to fill.
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Thursday Troubleshooter: How can hygienist get dentist on board for hygiene exams? – DentistryIQ

Using the electrical method, we can achieve remineralization that would have taken weeks and we can do it an order of magnitude faster and better, he said. These 3D images show a tooth decay lesion inside the tooth decreasing in size and volume (Left to Right) after treatment with the Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization procedure. (courtesy Nigel Pitts/Kings College London) The World Health Organization estimates that 60-90 percent of schoolchildren and nearly 100 percent of adults worldwide have dental cavities. Now it appears that technology might be close to meeting the growing demand for pain-free, effective solutions to cavities that dont discourage people from coming back to the dentists office for other serious problems such as gum disease.
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